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Company Profile

Mintchem Group has 4 wholly-owned subsidiaries Shanghai Mintchem Development Co., Ltd, Shanghai Micro Powder Co., Ltd., HIO Chemical Co.,Ltd, Hunan Heaven Material Development Co.,Ltd. We own certificate of ISO9001:2008, FAMI-QS, UL, Kosher, Halal Certificate and FDA registration and confirm that every subsidiaries will operate according to the standard. Our business covers trade agency, commerce, manufacture, storage, Logistics and processing industries etc.

Mitchem Group has invested capital in domestic factories to own shares and take full advantage of local resource superiority. Our factories located in Jiangsu Suzhou, Jiangxi Shangrao, Sichuan Neijiang, Hunan Zhuzhou, Shaanxi Xi’an. The factories mainly produce inorganic fluoride materials, sulphate salts, bariums salts, chloride salts of inorganic chemical product etc. Logistics and warehousing headquarters is in Shanghai with offices in Tianjin and Guangzhou. Subsidiary in Changsha mainly is in charge of daily administration, import and export operations and investment management.

Mintchem has established good trading relationship with plenty of powerful companies in all over the world, such as United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, France, Norway, Finland, United States, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Israel, Oman etc. Our business mainly focus on inorganic and organic chemical, agriculture chemical, electroplated, pigment, flame retardant, plastic additives, wood preservative, glass industry, water treatment, catalyst, battery materials, electronic materials and metal treatment. At present the sales distributions:export 65%, import 10%, domestic trade 25%. The Annual trade value is more than RMB 300 million.

Our main business focuses on metal chemical series(manganese salts, copper salts, nickle salts, iron salts, chromium salts) with the strategic orientation of superfine and high-purity, at the same time, has a strong producing and research ability and a quite big market share in inorganic fluoride salt. There is also a newly added organic fine chemical business: mainly including fuel additive, organic fluoride and silicate intermediate, pharmaceutical intermediate, plastic additive etc; non-halogenated, smoke suppressed and environmental friendly flame retardant, such as modified magnesium hydroxide, modified Aluminium hydroxide, phosphorus series like APP and IPPP, and environmental friendly citrate plasticizer. The coating and pigment are also one of the most important product.

Our company has established Import Business Division recently, mainly engaged in feed additives (such as fishmeal and birdseed) to meet the demands of rapidly development of domestic animal husbandry and feed industry, and also actively developing the special effects compound fertilizer product market, metal solvent, fluxes, electrode wire/strip/slice, welding brazing solder, welding equipment for the domestic locomotive, ship, electric machines etc. In the meanwhile, we will cooperate with domestic industry to import the relevant equipment and accessories.

Mintchem group accord to the Quality management standard requirement of the whole company, complying with the principle ”science, rigorous, standardized and practical manner”, Earnestly implementing the quality policy "quality self-discipline, sincere service, scientific management, pursuit of brand". People-oriented, based on the domestic market, develop the international market, strict internal management, with "high quality and reasonable price" products, warm and thoughtful service attitude, practical work for servicing to every customer. The volume of production and marketing of our company is expected to achieve RMB 1 billion or more in the next 5 years.